Honor your path

To me it seems that there is a trend on social media that either explicitly or implicitly says that inner work is about improvement and also that we manifest ‘better’ or ‘improved things’ over time. I noticed that consuming that type of media, especially the one where this message is implicit, activated the part of me more, that thinks I might be doing something wrong when I have a difficult reality. That was her way of getting my attention. I told her that we’re doing consciousness training, that I got her and that she isn’t doing anything wrong, she can be as she is. When we do inner work, we get more conscious and have more choice. Bringing that choice to our life is how we can act from a place of maturity and responsibility. This is what we develop through consciousness training and everything else is a byproduct of that and the choices we’re making with that new awareness we developed.

When we have a difficult reality we can bring that consciousness and choice to it and be with ourselves in a loving way, no matter what is going on. This is how we can take that reality in and when we digest that reality, it will be transformed. And that transformation can be anything. We might get tested right away, get an even more difficult reality, we might get less of an issue we had before or more of that issue. We can get initiated because we’re ready to. Or we might be at a point where we have integrated something big and start noticing that. We might be at a point where we’re ready to get a feeling how much shadow there is for example, like we started touching something that has been hidden and now we pull the curtain away and see the texture of the shadow. And that can be messy, like walking in the dark and not anything like ‘I did my inner work, where is the ease that I manifested?’ or similar things like that. The shadow here might be that we need the ease as a proof that we’re doing it right. Instead we can choose to develop trust in our own path.

There is no superior or inferior path or process – Honor your path no matter where you’re at.

Art Path of Heart by J R Slattum