Honoring our past selves

We might have an archetype who is defensive, tricksterish, lying, controlling, manipulative or whatever parts of us come to mind when we’re remembering our past. We might feel shame, embarrassment or guilt when we remember past events or behavior. There might be a narrative where we’re bad or not lovable. Throughout our transformation process, we can take time to include and honor our past selves. Whoever we are and have been, we’re always okay and lovable.

We’re not where we are because we overcame our past selves. We are where we are because our past selves have been there for us to get us through whatever we had to get through, in that time - in order to be here right now.

Honoring ourselves includes loyalty towards self, instead of conditional abandonment. When we honor the parts of us who did the coping, defending, attacking AND the (self) abandonment, we can see how they have been holding something for us, to bring to the world, when we’re ready.

Picture is Art by: J R Slattum