Mind as Minefield

Before I started working with somatic shadow work, my mind felt like a minefield to me.
Triggering situations or memories activated a bunch of thoughts that made me feel like everyone involved in the triggering situation, including me, is under constant attack by my mind. For me, those thoughts were judgments of self and others and the belief that there is an obvious and unquestionable meaning behind what people said or did.

Once we’re sure of the meaning, it’s like being stuck in a chain of unreal causality that leads to conclusions which are attacking self or others. This loop keeps us stuck in mind, away from feeling or going towards the energy. The ‘meaning’ we’re generating in mind isn’t real, but the energy in our body is.

We don’t have to believe the conclusion we came to. If we include the body, we won’t be in the mindfield. We instead can follow the energy which will lead us to different territory.

The actual explosions of the mines, are our reactions to the meaning and to the wrong conclusions that we made. When we realize that the mines can’t know the meaning or predict the future, we can walk through the inner minefield with consciousness and each mine becomes a pointer or even a portal into the territory of our soma.