Rescuer Archetype

The Rescuer is an archetype who wants to save or rescue others as a form of ‘helping them’. In German we have a saying “The opposite of good is meant well.” (Das Gegenteil von gut ist gut gemeint.). A good way how the effect of rescuing can be described. The rescuer may jump in with advice or even take action in a way that is meant well but in reality inhibits the growth of another person or even enables a form of codependent attachment to the person who is rescuing.
The attitude of the rescuer undermines the authority of the one being rescued. It may even be that the person didn’t ask for help but the rescuer means well, and might feel justified to solve, fix, help, give advice or do something for the person to support them. The rescuer might secretly belittle or view another person as helpless. This type of relating to another is not peer to peer and can be a way to fill a wound of the person possessed by the rescuer.

If there’s a desire to rescue, it’s probably good to go inside and shop up for a part of ourselves first.

When we notice that a part of us doesn’t believe in another person’s inner power, ability to grow or their path, we can do the inner work and find out which part of us is reflected here. Which part of us feels helpless and may want to be rescued? How do we feel when the desire to rescue or to fix is surfacing? We can make the rescuing about us instead of about another.

We can find the part of us that has been avoided or projected and show up for it, listen to it, support it and hold its hand.

When we do this first, we can relate to somebody else in a real and loving way.