Take the internal call

We have the choice to respond to internal calling by looking at upcoming energy and sensations as a call for adventure and connection. When we do that, we practice attending to ourselves in real time.

The attitude of “it will pass” is not responsive to the call. It is avoiding a reactive state and reactive actions in the outside world. I am not saying it is a wrong attitude - I just want to be conscious of what it is and where the limits of it are. We can expand “it will pass” with “let’s dive inside and figure out what it’s trying to tell me before it’s going to pass”.

Going inside and giving company to your energy can be difficult because it’s so intense - it can be on the line of our capacity to include: a call for evolution and expansion and at the same time a call for more wholeness.

It is an invitation to creative action, towards more self love. And it is only showing up because we CAN contain it.

Our creative power lies in the world inside of us. The actions outside of us become much more effective when we attend to our internal calling.

Each time we respond to the calling we come back with more consciousness and connection to ourselves and the world around us.

Responding to what is emerging in real time creates more flow and synchronizes the different parts of you within - and you with everything and everyone.