There is no Purity

We might have a sense of hate or dirtiness of some shadow we carry. Maybe it reminds us of our parents, of somebody who has been an “abuser” in a past narrative, or something else that has been labeled as “bad”, “wrong” or even “horrific”.

Integrating (lineage) shadow is part of the most important and heroic work that we can do. We don’t only do this work for ourselves, our own life, our relationships and our evolution. It’s also for the collective.

We can embrace these parts as ours, no matter how dirty or horrific a part of us has thought of them. Because they are. Those parts we might have hated, are ours. We have the choice to say yes to them.

It’s not a mistake, it’s not a glitch in the matrix, it’s nothing we need to get rid of because we would be better humans without those parts.

Yesterday my coach said to me: “The betrayal already happened. There is no place of purity to return to.”

I’ve been integrating this and got conscious of how much energy I’ve been spending to return to some place of purity. Within me, within my relationships, within my life.

There is no place of purity. There never has been. At my birth there hasn’t been purity and at my death there won’t be and in the times in between there won’t be.

Instead of fixing myself, others or my life - I can include the part who wants to fix. And include the part who wants to think about a bad future. I can include the parts of me who have felt abused and betrayed and the parts of me who have made others feel abused or betrayed. And include the part who wants to return to purity.

Purity is impossible, the time to turn towards ourselves is now and the real way to move forward is love.

When we choose to include the hidden parts and turn up the love as much as we can, we’re doing the labour that has been avoided and that is desperately needed and our inner work is radiating through us. We’re modeling real love, from within, to everyone and everything.

Art Persephone by Patrushka